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The History Of Vaccines:
Public Health Department Used to Test Pesticides on Children. Sprayed backyards via planes Chemtrailing DDT in 1957.

The History Of Vaccines:
Welcome to Experimental Vaccines 1st video in a series on the History of Bio-Weapons. In this episode I show Unit 731’s use of Chemtrails back in 1931 spraying plague infected fleas on its on population. These are other channel you can find experimentalvaccines on:

America Radiates its on Civilians calls them The DownWinders

America used Germ bombs against Korea from 1950-53. Using plague infected insects,food,candy and medicine to spread disease. This technique was learned from Shiro Ishii Imported into the US after WW2.

Monsanto manufactured DDT in 1944. It has been banned now they poison us with genetically modified foods.